EKOLOGIK - A Proven Succes

"EkoLogik" Eco Center recycling software is designed for the management of recycling and municipal  eco-centres.

Cloud-based Ekologik provides all aspects of receiving, managing and administering eco-centres.

  • Attendants and appreciate the quick and easy tablet or PC based recording of visits.
  • We provide clear administrators  reporting, invoicing, container management,and analyzing eco-center performance!
  • Designed for the long-term, our software has been designed for customization, scalability, flexibility and security.

Ready-to-use Software

Ekologic is a ready-to-use software. All you need to do is add the inventory you have and the price of each item, and it’s good to go.

  • Attendants can use it for product entry and management.
  • Administrators can use it for data handling, organizing invoices, recording, and reporting.
  • Clients can view the added inventories for ordering items.

A full-proof solution for recycling centres all around the state.


Ekologic – A Proven Success!

Ekologic marks the success of recycling centres and attendants. It provides top-notch solutions for handling data and controlling inventories. It facilitates the municipalities and offers an all-in-one regulatory tool that helps you keep records and payments in one place.


Our clients have reported enormous benefits of opting for Ekologic. Ekologic is proven to be an exceptional tool for managing records, from creating different boxes for different items to generating quick invoices. It is a holistic approach that makes admin work more flexible than it was ever before.

Turnkey Solution For Recycling Centers - Key Features

User-friendly and easy solution for the administrator and Eco-centre attendants:

  • Cloud-based order taking on phones, tablets and computers
  • Simplified client search
  • Flexible material management
  • Integrated payment options
  • Citizen or membership card tracking
  • Metric or standard measurements for volume or weight
  • Multilingual

Fully Scalable And Customizable

We developed our software to be able to easily adapt to the needs of various eco-centres and business processes:

  • We adapt our software to your needs
  • Full administration
  • Importing of  addresses from your existing databases
  • Address look up through web-based mapping services
  • Simple order entry with compatible with scanable citizen cards or other type of client cards

Comprehensive Administration and Powerful Analytics And Reporting

  • Add or modify clients
  • Access permissions for different users
  • Lists of clients, municipalities and organizations
  • Integrated payment methods
  • General parameters (tax rate, maximum number of visits etc.)
    • resources and materials
    • resident usage,
    • and containers.
    • Easy access to the profits deciphering how much you have sold.
    • Export data to ERP and accounting systems.
  • Material tracking:
    • Add and modify materials with their prices and unit systems (metric and standard)
    • Create containers and specify materials and capacities
    • custom settings for residential or commercial accounts
    • complete control over visitor limits
    • Alert message when a container’s capacity reaches a pre-determined threshold
    • Detailed inventory reports



Turnkey solution for Recycling Centers

Our software, it is easy to manage by the attendants accept the material, as well as administrators who manage information and reports..

User Friendly

User-friendly and easy solution for the administrator and users of the eco-center.


Fully Customizable

  • Our software is completely customable for the needs of each eco center
  • Our software can be adapted and customized exactly to the needs of all types of equal centres

Powerful Analytics And Reporting

  • Comprehensive reporting system to track materials, resident usage, containers.
  • Integration and export to ERP and accounting systems.


Easy Invoicing and Direct Payment System

Quick invoice preparation with integration for credit card and banking payment systems

Fully Customizable

Our software can be adapted and customized exactly to the needs of all types of equal centres


``EKOLOGIK`` A Proven Success !

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